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Proudly Mexican, GRUMA is the global leader of corn flour production, tortillas, and other flatbreads worldwide.

GRUMA has experienced exceptional growth worldwide with operations in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania with 79 production plants, and a strong presence in 112 countries across the globe, with its global brands, MASECA and MISSION, along with a large selection of local brands.

Thanks to innovation and the use of new technologies, GRUMA has expanded its portfolio of products and services to cater to different lifestyles, cultures and needs of its customers and consumers in every country where it does business.

GRUMA has always been known for its strong entrepreneurial vision to reach all corners of the world where it has become a successful business organization focused on contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of its Human Capital, and its customers.

GRUMA is a socially responsible company that supports the development of the communities in which it operates by consistently offering high quality products all families can afford, creating jobs, reinvesting profits, implementing environmentally friendly practices, and encouraging education and advancement without neglecting its continued growth.

Since its foundation 65 years ago and its clear vision for sustainable growth, its focus on value creation, technology, infrastructure and renewed strategy, GRUMA is optimistic about the future, and is committed to building a new phase in which the principles and values that have shaped it now allow it to overcome the challenges it could face looking forward.



Company profile


ALTERA AZTECA MILLING UKRAINE is the largest producer of corn gritz and flour in Ukraine. Since April 2010 it is part of GRUMA, the world leader in the production of corn flours and tortillas. Currently the enterprise is a modern production unit with a developed infrastructure and qualified, constantly trained personnel.

The company is specialized in corn processing to obtain a large variety of corn gritz and flours. The quality and safety of our products are confirmed by our internal GRUMA standards and by the BRC certification (grade A), as well as the trust and long-term cooperation with both domestic and foreign market leading companies.



  • Integrity: We take responsibility for our work; we take accountability for our results; we trust others to do the same.
  • Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in products, people and processes. We set standards we are proud of and continuously improve.
  • Proximity: We build enduring relationships by understanding the needs of our consumers, customers and suppliers. We treat one another with fairness and respect.
  • Nourishment:  We feed our success nurturing the well-being of our consumers, ourselves, our neighbors and the environment.



Every Company is different and has special features that make it unique. We also have ours:

  • Flexibility: We like being flexible. We are curious to better understand what our customers need and to customize our products according to their requirements.
  • Passion: We are passionate about what we do. We like doing important things enjoying ourselves!
  • Experience: We pursue stability. At Altera Azteca Milling Ukraine we hardly have turnover of our staff. At the same time we can benefit from the cooperation with key colleagues and specialist from our global milling network.
  • Improvement: We are always open to improve ourselves. We feel that the world goes too fast to stay still.